• Welding equipments MIGATRONIC, ALFAIN, KUHTREIBER, REHM, WTU, TYLARC and TRIODYN (for electrode welding and methods MIG/MAG,WIG/ TIG)
  • Plastic-welding equipments, up to a diameter of 160mm
  • Plasma-arc cutting equipment MIGATRONIC
  • Tube-cutting equipment GEORGE FISCHER (RA2“ - RA230) and SCORP
  • Manual tools: grinding machines (angle cutters, stem-type cutters, abrasive-band grinding machines and face grinding machines), drilling machines, drill hammers, tightening machines, circular and jig saws BOSCH, MAKITA, MATABO, WURTH and PROTOOL
  • ACU tools – tightening and drilling machines
  • Pneumatic tools – tightening machines
  • Tube benders
  • Manual chain and cable pulleys, with a load capacity of 3,2t; pulleys (with/without travel), with a load capacity up to 10t
  • Hydraulic lifting jacks ENERPAC with a load capacity up to 50t (with a distributor for 4 lifting jacks for fluent uninterrupted lifting)
  • Transport push-carts for transport of heavy equipments or production lines, with a load capacity up to 200t
  • Equipments for core-drilling, for a diameter up to 200mm
  • Magnetic drilling machines MILWAUKEE, for a diameter up to 50mm
  • Manual thread cutters up to 6/4“ and electric  thread cutters up to 2“
  • Lift trucks DESTA with a load capacity of 3.5t; palletizers up to 2.5t
  • Diesel-propelled mobile articulated lifting platform HAULOTTTE, with a working reach up to 16m
  • Electrical mobile articulated lifting platform DINO 112, with a working reach up to 12m (with white wheels for in-hall assemblies)
  • Mobile scaffoldings with a working height of 5 m
  • Construction-site equipments as bungalows, big and small stocking containers for our working teams; mobile fencing
  • Current manual tools, torque spanners, stroke spanners, bearing pullers
  • Distance-measuring laser equipments, level instruments, theodolites
  • Electric generators
  • Harnesses, positioning means and down-fall preventing catchers
HORA MONT s.r.o.
Vážní 891, 500 03 Hradec Králové
Tel./fax: +420 495 406 564

IČO: 259 63 481     DIČ: CZ 259 63 481

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